Welcome to the world of Jed Pascoe, Britain's lightning-fast, wackiest on-the-spot caricaturist!

I'm generally acknowledged to be just about the fastest caricaturist in Europe. 
Watch me whip out wacky versions of your guests' faces in only two minutes- sometimes even less! 
And they QUEUE UP for it!
Which makes it ideal for:
Exhibitions and Product Launches, Golf days, Weddings and Parties

(Oh, by the way, also author and/or illustrator of more than 30 books) (And former advertising cartoonist of the year) (And international prizewinner a couple of times...) I've contributed to the Financial Times, Sunday Mirror and Radio Times to name a few. On the corporate side, my personal client list includes The Coca-Cola Company, Virgin, Tesco, Glaxo, KPMG, Deloitte, andPriceWaterhouse. See my portfolios.

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Golf days

Fastand funny- Jed brings on the laughs


Parties and Balls

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Studio caricatures

Definition of Caricature (and Caricaturist)
(alternatively, characature, characterture, charicature, characaturist, characterturist, charicaturist, characterist, caracature, caracaturist, charicterturist, caracaturist, characatatrist, whatever... no-one knows how to spell it properly!)

Caricature: The art of exaggerating a person's characteristics for humourous effect.