Frequently asked questions

Studio work

Can you draw from photographs?

Yes- but it depends on the quality of the image. If it don't look like the subject, then the caricature won't look like the subject!


How long do you need?

The average single caricature takes about a day to work up in the studio. I put in a lot of time to get it right, plus adding the relevant details.


What do you need from me?

As much detail as possible, especially with such items as cars. It's not enough to say he drives a Volvo- I need to know the model and year if possible. With military personnel, ranks are also important.


How much will it cost?

Fees for coloured work start at £250. Additional people in the same group are charged at between £150- £200, depending on the amount of detail.


I can get a caricature from another website for £15. Why should I come to you?

Mine are 100 original. Painted with care and attention to detail. I'm an artist, not a computer hack working in some eastern sweatshop.


Can you frame it?

Yes, but frames can get damaged during delivery. I would prefer to send you the artwork and you can get it framed locally.

In certain circumstances, I can deliver.

Live work

How fast are you?

It takes me about two minutes to draw one person. Depending on the type of event, I can cruise through fifteen to twenty-five people in an hour.


 Can you do a nice one?

By 'nice', do you mean a portrait? A caricature is by definition a funny drawing, however, I do tend to favour the ladies and be nasty to the men. It’s a bloke thing. 


Can you draw us in a group?

Give me notice and I can organise it. Groups are slower to draw than singles or couples, it's not like taking a photo.


Can you draw everyone at our event?

Given time, yes. But be aware that there is a law of diminishing returns at play, and the last hour is usually spent hunting down the last two or three people, which makes it a costly exercise. Just let me draw those who want to be drawn.


What’s your daytime job?

I’m a freelance cartoonist and illustrator.


Are you famous?

My work has appeared in several newspapers, such as the Express, the Daily Mail,  the Sunday Mirror and the FT, and the Radio Times, of course. And I have written and illustrated more than thirty cartoon books.


Are you good, then?

My work has won several awards and prizes: Advertising Cartoonist of the Year; Best European Cartoon; Silver Medal in Holland; Times Educational Supplement Award: British Design Award; stuff like that.


How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been working at parties and exhibitions for about twelve years. I’ve been drawing caricatures since I was a kid.


Did you have to train?

I spent four years in Art College, followed up with a Master’s in Fine Art… but the caricatures come naturally!


So you do portraits as well?

Yes:for live work,  in pencil or pastel. Portraits take a lot longer than caricatures, but are well worth it. I also take on commissions for paintings if I find the subject suitable.


Can you cut silhouettes?

Yes- I work under the name of Adam Black.


How long does a silhouette take to cut?

From 30 seconds to five minutes, depending on the subject.


 Do you mind travelling?

I’ve worked in New York, Helsinki, Barcelona, Berlin and New Delhi. Last year saw me in Belfast, Bristol, Bournemouth, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich, Glasgow, and, of course, London. And loads of other places too numerous to mention.


What do you charge?

The flat rate for 2010 is £350 for the first two hours, then £75 for each subsequent hour. I only charge expenses if there is an extended trip: e.g Scotland, or if it would be simpler for me to stay overnight ready for an early start. I keep these costs minimal, but it could add £100 to a job at least.


Jed Pascoe  01767 682882