Cartoons for business

Cartoons are brilliant mnemonics.

When you emphasise your main points with cartoons which encapsulate your message, your time with your audience hasn't been wasted. Usually, the wackier the cartoon, the better it's remembered!

And avoid death by bullet-point!

Here are some cartoons specifically designed for PowerPoint presentations for a variety of clients.

There are three ways of working:

1. The client knows exactly what he wants, and tells me what to draw.

2. The client knows what parts of his script he wants to emphasise (usually the difficult concepts), but doesn't have any real idea what the drawing should look like.

3. The client gives me the script and tells me to produce as many pencil roughs as possible, then decides which he wants.

All drawings can be produced as full PowerPoint slides,  and can be priced to suit most budgets.

All work is worldwide copyright of J.J. Pascoe and must not be reproduced without permission. A reproduction fee may be payable.